What should I ask for on Philanthropy Day?

What do you talk about during Philanthropy Day?

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  • 1) Tell me about yourself. 2) How did you choose your major? 3) What are your hobbies? …
  • 1) Tell me about your new member program. 2) What is a Big Sister/Little Sister? …
  • 1) “Do you know so-and-so in your sorority?” Duh! 2) If you plan to name drop, stick to women you know in that sorority.

What PNMs should I ask during philanthropy?

Important Questions to Ask PNMs

  1. What did you do in high school? …
  2. Have you done any philanthropic work? …
  3. How do you like [the name of your school] so far? …
  4. Why did you decide to come out for recruitment? …
  5. What did you do this summer? …
  6. Are you looking into any other clubs or other extra-curricular organizations?

What are good questions to ask a sorority?

Questions Sorority Members May Ask You:

  • Where are you from? What’s your hometown?
  • What dorm are you in?
  • What classes are you taking?
  • Do you have a major already?
  • Did you have a fun summer? …
  • How are you enjoying rush/recruitment?
  • Have you met your roommate yet? …
  • How are you enjoying your first week of school so far?
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What should I ask for on Value Day?

These answers can help you make your final decision. Do not be afraid to ask personal questions.

Let’s talk about what to ask the sorority members.

  • What is your favorite memory from the sorority?
  • What is it like to get a Big (or Little)?
  • Does the sorority host sisterhood events?
  • What do you love about your sisterhood?

What is Kappa Kappa Gamma’s philanthropy?

Kappa Kappa Gamma Embarks on New Philanthropic Purpose Focusing on Mental Health and Well-being. … Kappa members will unite to educate, raise awareness, and reduce the stigma around mental health and well-being through fundraising and service.

How do you get to know someone questions?

Break the ice and get to know people better by selecting several of these get-to-know-you questions.

  1. Who is your hero?
  2. If you could live anywhere, where would it be?
  3. What is your biggest fear?
  4. What is your favorite family vacation?
  5. What would you change about yourself if you could?
  6. What really makes you angry?

What should I ask on preference night?

Here are some examples of questions you might ask the sorority members for Pref:

  • Why did you choose to join your sorority?
  • Are there any leadership positions for new members?
  • Are there sisterhood events?
  • What is your favorite memory?
  • How has being in a sorority changed your college experience?

What should you not talk about during rush?

So when talking to potential new members you need to:

  • Speak positively about your sorority and sisters in your chapter.
  • Avoid talking about sorority drama.
  • No swearing or cussing.
  • Don’t lie about your sorority.
  • Don’t speak negatively about other sororities or fraternities.
  • Don’t guarantee PNMs a bid to your sorority.
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What do sororities look for in PNMs?

One of the top qualities sororities are looking for in PNMs is the willingness to commit long-term to their chapter. Ideally, every sorority wants to recruit women who are willing to be active members all 4-years (or more) of college.

What is philanthropy Day during rush?

PHILANTHROPY DAY: A cute dress topped off by a denim jacket and paired with wedges will fit the bill nicely. Come prepared to listen and learn about which organization is closest to each sorority’s heart!

What is a sorority philanthropy?

Each sorority or fraternity is assigned philanthropy to focus its fundraising efforts towards. The philanthropy can either be a specific organization that promotes awareness and donates to those affected or an umbrella organization that donates to specific organizations.

What kind of questions do they ask in a sorority interview?

Opening Day Questions

  • Why did you choose this college/university? …
  • What’s your major? …
  • Where are you from? …
  • Why are you interested in Greek life? …
  • Did you do anything fun over the summer? …
  • Do you have any plans for involvement on campus? …
  • What were you involved in during high school? …
  • Do you have any volunteer experience?

What are some value questions?

Tell me about a time when you volunteered your help to a patient (or customer) or someone in need. Give me an example of a time when your compassionate attitude caused a patient (or customer) to stay positive and calm. Give an example of a situation where someone showed compassion to you at work?

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What are your values questions?

If you’re unsure of your values, look at how you (and other family members) spend your time.

ask yourselves:

  • Why does our family exist?
  • What is the purpose of our wealth?
  • What change would we like to see in the world?
  • How would we like to be remembered?
  • What are the most important values we share in common?

How do you answer core value questions?

Tips for answering interview questions about values

  1. Review the company’s values. When interviewers ask values questions, they want to make sure you are a good match for the attitudes and traits the company prioritizes. …
  2. Show humility. …
  3. Take them seriously. …
  4. Give examples.