Residents’ dreams for how Fayetteville could be more compassionate:

  1. Have more people in this room and more diverse groups and more languages represented.
  2. Be more open-minded.
  3. There will be gardens in everyone’s yard, everyone will have access to free food and Fayetteville be a food export community.
  4. For people to take accountability for safety hazards they encounter – an example such as a nail poking up in a park bench.
  5. To be more accepting and understanding of the transgender community.
  6. To be more sustainable, i.e. transportation – and not be dependent on foreign oil.
  7. To have a true interfaith community where all faiths and cultures are represented.
  8. That members of the whole community stand behind and support each other. Touched by the mayor’s proclamation supporting the Fayetteville Pride parade even though there were groups protesting it.
  9. To see more groups connected (i.e. health, education, gender, etc.) -interconnection will equal growth and creativity.
  10. We are already one of the most open-minded communities in our region. Now let’s lead the way against racial oppression and recognize the important history of this community. From the Osage and Cherokee to the abolitionists and slavery supporters. We need public recognition of what has existed but not been told.
  11. To be more aware of the difficulties that exist in transportation for people with disabilities. And to consider that many people’s disabilities are invisible to the rest of the community – we should be more compassionate and supportive of those people.
  12. To be a town where there aren’t entire sections where multiple people in one family are not able to live together without it being seen as so peculiar.
  13. The university is a place where conflict can go towards truth and not violence and war.
  14. To have more resources and tools for how to listen/communicate compassion more effectively.
  15. Everybody would have the health care they need to be as healthy as they can be.
  16. I wish people would volunteer their time and talent with disabled people.
  17. I wish that no children have to be cold today or ever.
  18. That people who need help will feel comfortable enough to ask for it.
  19. That through Thoughts, Words and Action equals Compassion and Love.
  20. I wish Fayetteville be voted the most Compassionate City over all others.
  21. I wish for love and joy for everyone.
  22. I hope for the establishment of a Magdalene House for women coming out of a correction facility.
  23. Have a special day at the library designed just for children.
  24. My wish is for Fayetteville to be open, accepting and actively inclusive of those who move into this community.
  25. I wish for a no-kill animal shelter
  26. Homes for the homeless.
  27. For more businesses to hire those with felony records
  28. I wish people would stop categorizing others.
  29. For the over 1000 hungry and homeless Fayetteville children, that they have food, warmth and attention.
  30. No hungry children
  31. Don’t treat the  materially poor as spiritually poor.
  32. I need a house
  33. Build a Dignity Village for the homeless of Fayetteville.
  34. Give back to the children less fortunate a day of play.

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