Question: How do I change my charity’s governing document?

Let the commission know about the change to your governing document. If your charity is a company, agree the changes as a ‘special resolution’ at a general meeting. You must send a signed copy of the resolution along with a PDF of your amended articles to both the commission and Companies House within 15 working days.

What is a charity’s governing document called?

What is a governing document?

Legal form of charity Governing document Usual title of the charity’s trustee
Charitable company limited by guarantee (an incorporated charity) Memorandum and Articles of Association Directors Trustees
Charitable incorporated organisation (CIO) Constitution Trustees

Can you change the name of a registered charity?

On occasion a charity may wish, or need, to change its name. If a registered charity changes its name, the Commission must be notified as soon as possible. … The Commission can object to a charity’s name and, in certain circumstances, can direct it to be changed.

Can charitable objects change?

The process is often easiest for charitable companies. The Charities Act 1993 gives directors the power to change their organisations’ objects, providing the memorandum and articles of association don’t stipulate that the commission’s prior consent is required. … In these instances, the commission’s consent is required.

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What is the governing body of a charity?

Every charity has a governing body (most often called a board) that takes overall responsibility for its work. The board is responsible for the governance of a charity – ensuring it is effectively and properly run and is meeting its overall purposes as set out in its governing document.

Is a trust agreement a governing document?

Governing Documents . With respect to any Person, its articles or certificate of incorporation or formation, by-laws, partnership, limited liability company, memorandum and articles of association, operating or trust agreement and/or other organizational, charter or governing documents.

Is a governing document the same as a constitution?

Another name for a ‘governing document’ is ‘constitution’. We strongly recommend that you use one of the Charity Commission’s own model governing documents because, if you complete one of those correctly, it is likely to get you registered more quickly and easily.

Can two charities have the same name?

Main charity name

This is your official charity name. Your charity name must not: be the same as or similar to another charity.

How do I change the name of a charitable trust?

Every change in the name of a Society should be made by an amendment of its bye-laws. This has to be notified in the official gazette. There should me one more General Body meeting of Board of Society to pass resolution for approval for the previous resolution of change the name of Society.

How many trustees should a charity have?

A charities constitution says it has to have a minimum of four trustees to make decisions.

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How do I change my charity articles of association?

Making changes

This is normally done by passing something called a special resolution at a general meeting. You must also ensure that you get written consent from the Charity Commission before you make any changes to the articles of association as there are some ‘regulated alterations’ that the changes must meet.

What are a charity’s objects?

A charity must have one or more of the purposes which have been defined in law. These include things like: relieving poverty, education, religion, protecting the environment, animal welfare, human rights and community development.

How long should charity trustees serve?

Using sub-committees, assemblies, representative groups or advisory councils can help here, but in the end we should ensure that no trustee remains on a board for longer than they are effective. Generally two terms of three years is good practice.

What is the code of governance for charities and IPCS?

The objectives of the Code of Governance are to: Make charities more effective by sharing recommended practices on how effective charities are governed and managed; Provide guidance to Board members to help them carry out their duties as fiduciaries (representative entrusted to act in the interest of the charity);

Who are charities accountable to?

The people responsible for making sure a charity runs properly – its trustees.

How are voluntary Organisations governed?

How are voluntary organisations governed? The management and governance of most voluntary sector organisations mirrors those in the public and private sector, with a board of trustees who act as the directors and/or governors. Trustees are normally unpaid, apart from reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses.

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