Is World Vision a legitimate charity?

World Vision is a Christian humanitarian organization dedicated to working with children, families and their communities worldwide to reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty and injustice.

Is World Vision trustworthy?

World Vision is completely legit. It’s HQ is here in the Seattle area, our kids have been involved in their feeding program support for several years.

Who is behind World Vision?

World Vision International

Founded 1950
Founder Rev. Bob Pierce
Type Religious nonprofit organization
Tax ID no. 95-3202116
Legal status 501(c)(3)

How much does the president of World Vision make?

In the interest of greater transparency to our donors, we have gone beyond our legal requirements by disclosing that our president, Michael Messenger, currently earns the top annual base salary of $215,000 plus a combination of taxable and non-taxable benefits.

Does sponsoring a child really work?

Does Sponsorship Actually Work? Yes, sponsorship works. In fact, a poll of top development economists, rated child sponsorship as the most effective long-term development intervention for helping the poor.

How much money does World Vision keep?

WVC’s administrative costs are 6% of total revenues (excluding investment income) and fundraising costs are 20% of total donations. This means overhead costs are 26%. For every dollar donated, 74 cents go to the cause.

How do I cancel World Vision?

How do I cancel my donation? To cancel your recurring donation or sponsorship give us a call at1.888. 511.6548. We’re here to take your call during normal business hours (Pacific Standard Time).

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