How has Australia contributed UNICEF?

Australia provides both core and non-core funding to UNICEF. In 2020, Australian funding to UNICEF contributed to: Health Security – 3.3 million health workers trained on infection prevention and control and 1.8 million health workers received personal protective equipment.

How do Australians help UNICEF?

At UNICEF Australia we work to protect and promote children’s rights by advocating for the rights of children in Australia and overseas, and engaging children in Australia in the concept of rights and how they can promote and respect the rights of other children.

Does Australia donate to UNICEF?

UNICEF Australia – Donate to United Nations Children’s Fund Today.

Who contributes the most to UNICEF?

In 2020, the three largest government contributors to UNICEF were the United States of America, Germany and the European Commission.

Is Australia part of UNICEF?

For more than 70 years, UNICEF has worked to promote and protect children’s rights on a global scale. The UNICEF Australia was formed in 1966 to support that mission. The scope of our work is expansive and far-reaching. In the political arena, we advocate for the rights of every child in Australia and overseas.

How is UNICEF funded?

UNICEF receives no money from the UN budget, so we rely entirely on charitable donations like yours to fund our vital work to protect children, transform their lives and build a safer world for tomorrow’s children.

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Why was UNICEF created?

Until 1953, our name was an acronym for “United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund”, because UNICEF’s very first mandate was to meet the urgent needs of children after World War II.