Does Alex and Ani donate to charity?

The company has donated $52.6 million to such groups as UNICEF, Make-a-Wish, Green Beetz, March of Dimes, Best Buddies, Friends of Jaclyn and ASPCA since 2011.

What metal are ALEX AND ANI bracelets made of?

For our precious jewelry, we use ethically sourced, top quality silver that’s as pure as can be: 92.5 percent (also known as “sterling silver”). The remaining metal in these pieces? Copper, of course – it adds strength and stability to the soft silver.

Can you wear ALEX AND ANI bracelets in the shower?

Answer: It’s not recommended that you wear Alex and Ani bracelets in the shower, while swimming, or while doing other physical activities. Moisture will increase the speed at which your bracelet oxidizes. If it does get wet, pat it dry with a cloth and make sure all moisture is gone before storing it.

How can you tell a fake ALEX AND ANI bracelet?

Q: How can I check for authenticity? A: ALEX AND ANI jewelry comes with three special tags so that you’ll know you’re wearing the real thing. Each one is stamped with our heart flag tag, COPPURE ® tag, and official patent number tag.

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What is rafaelian gold?

Rafaelian Gold Finish and Rafaelian Silver Finish are nickel-free. … They are a rich, eco-friendly matte Silver and Gold finish plated on a brass base. They have an antique look from the oxidation process and are coated with anti-tarnish to protect the piece and hold its finish.

Does ALEX AND ANI use real silver?

But what are precious metals, exactly? … At ALEX AND ANI, precious metals are featured in our fine jewelry collection. Each piece has a base that is made of authentic, . 925 sterling silver.

Do ALEX AND ANI bracelets turn green?

Alex and Ani has said that this has not happened in their past, but I am proof it does. I love that I do not turn green, but it’s hit or miss with the silver finish. I love my Alex and Ani, just letting you know it’s always a risk.

Does ALEX AND ANI have a warranty?

ALEX AND ANI offers a one (1)-year limited warranty from the date of purchase for any manufacturing and material defects for ALEX AND ANI full priced products purchased in store and online from ALEX AND ANI or authorized ALEX AND ANI retailers only.

What is the meaning behind ALEX AND ANI?

The firm was founded in 2004 by Carolyn Rafaelian. The name comes from a combination of the first names of Rafaelian’s two daughters. The company originally stated that they wanted to produce “bangle bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings that adorn the body, enlighten the mind, and empower the spirit”.

How many ALEX AND ANI bracelets should I wear?

Rafaelian says as many as eight bracelets can be worn comfortably on a wrist. For necklaces, Ms. Rafaelian says, it is best to go with a smaller number. “Three would be the limit, because you’re eventually going to have a tangling problem,” she says.

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Where are ALEX AND ANI bracelets made?

We believe in creating quality products with a human touch, which is why ALEX AND ANI jewelry is hand crafted from recycled materials in Rhode Island. We are committed to investing in local talent and resources to support our state and share our story with the world.

Can you add more charms to ALEX AND ANI bracelets?

No, it won’t hold charms. … The bracelet itself does not open to accommodate charms, as they are intended to be worn stacked.

How do ALEX AND ANI bracelets work?

To fit the bracelet to your wrist:

Place the bracelet on your wrist, lean it against your body, and pull your ALEX AND ANI tag towards you. … Grab your bead and wrap it around your wrist to avoid the dangling chain (some prefer the look of the chain dangling, others prefer it tight).

Is rafaelian silver real?

The “shiny silver” is very shiny and looks like the real silver and does not tarnish. The Rafaelian silver is darker and looks antiquish without the shine, but does not tarnish or get darker with wear. Then there is the real silver plated and that is silver plated over brass I think.

Can you adjust ALEX AND ANI bracelets?

Did you know that ALEX AND ANI bangles can be resized to fit as little as a five-year-old’s wrist?! … Push your thumbs away from one another, keeping a firm grip on the bangle and, little by little, shrinking the bracelet with small yet distinct motions.

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