Age Friendly Fayetteville

Age Friendly Fayetteville is a collaborative initiative between the University of Arkansas, City of Fayetteville and the Fayetteville Chamber of Commerce utilizing the World Health Organization Age-Friendly Cities model as a strategy to establish Fayetteville, AR as an age-friendly city. Click on the link for more information.

Age Friendly Fayetteville

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  1. David Orr

    This sounds good, but it is extremely vague. Are there any specifics? Three things that this city needs to do for becoming “age-friendly” are:
    1. Provide more affordable housing options for senior citizens in the downtown area and near shopping, especially grocery shopping.
    2. Aggressively construct or re-build sidewalks and related infrastructure for pedestrians who are mobility-impaired. Large swaths of this city are functionally inaccessible to persons with disabilities. This situation is intolerable and the city must no longer ignore it.
    3. The city should work with Ozark Transit and Razorback Transit to ensure that all portions of the city are accessible by public transit, and that transit should operate seven days a week until at least 10 pm. People who can’t drive a car or for whatever reason cannot travel by automobile must have transportation.

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