Buddy Bench Open for Business

Today members of Compassion Fayetteville gathered with the students of Washington Elementary School to celebrate the official opening of their Buddy Bench. This bench will allow the children of this school to practice random acts of kindness every day. As you play, watch for other children sitting on the bench. Be that child who is kind and ask them to play. Be a positive force in this school and in your community. This bench was generously donated by Lori Daniels, forever a part of Washington Elementary. Ms. Daniels is the champion of kindness and while she taught at our school she made it her mission for all children to feel loved. Today, February 28th, Washington Elementary School’s Buddy Bench is open for business.

Checkout the Video of the children of Washington Elementary in Fayetteville Arkansas who helped create a Buddy Bench. Wouldn’t it be nice if adults could do the same? Here is the link to view the video: http://youtu.be/TOc-nsoD71E

Buddy Bench 1
Buddy Bench 6
Buddy Bench 2

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