February a Month of Compassion.

Compassion Fayetteville is asking for your support in becoming partners with us and supporting Mayor Lioneld Jordan who designated February as a Month of Compassion.

What is Compassion Fayetteville? Compassion Fayetteville is an initiative developed from the Fayetteville Forward Economic Accountability Council’s (FFEAC) Inclusion Group. Compassion Fayetteville is a cooperative effort to increase awareness, plus encourage and promote a culture of compassion through identifying, supporting and initiating compassionate actions in the city.

Volunteers are working to earn designation as a Compassionate City by Compassionate Action Network International (CANI), which is founded on and inspired by the Charter for Compassion, drafted in 2009 by British religious scholar Karen Armstrong. The charter — charterforcompassion.org — transcends religious, ideological and cultural differences. All individuals, groups and organizations are welcome to participate. Its facilitator is Pattie Williams, and Christy Pollock is the group’s February event coordinator. Our application packet will be sent to CANI in late March.

  • Our Mission: To advocate compassion in our community to enhance the quality of life for all.
  • Our Vision: To cultivate compassion in ourselves, our community and our world.
  • Our Values: CARES: Connect, Awareness, Respect, Empathy, Service

How to become a Partner with Compassion Fayetteville

Mayor Lioneld Jordan issued a proclamation January 18 at the Fayetteville Public Library declaring February the Month of Compassion in Fayetteville. Many public events are planned to celebrate this proclamation.

Our request for your partnership is simple.  All we ask is that you agree to be listed as a partner in our promotional efforts and application packet. Essentially your agreement means that your organization supports the Vision, Mission, and Core Values of Compassion Fayetteville, which are listed above.

We also ask partners share information about our project and schedule of events among your membership as you think appropriate.

For more information:


Write Pattie Williams or Christy Pollock at  compfayetteville at gmail dot com

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