Update: Phase 1 is now complete

1. We have completed the first phase of the project: awareness. Dozens of people in the Fayetteville community have emerged who are committed to a more compassionate world.

2. We have learned about numerous other happenings in Fayetteville that have compassion as a central focus.

3. The cornerstone of each library session touched on internal reflection using experiential methods. We also have highlighted the practical side in how the work we do here in Fayetteville is part of a global movement of people who are committed to compassionate action in their communities.

4. There have been over 100 people at 3 events at the public library!!

5. 10-15 welcoming ambassadors have graciously been present at each event to welcome those who came and help make the events run smoothly.

6. We have 4 city council members who are actively engaged: Rhonda Adams, Alan Long, Adella Gray and Sarah Marsh.

7. The mayor has attended 2 library events and has encouraged us to continue similar community meetings on a quarterly basis in the future.

8. Community members have shared heartfelt stories and experiences of compassion through recorded interviews, poster art, wish post cards, commitment cards, emails, phone calls, blog posts, social media, in personal conversations and more.

9. We have met and shared the project with people from across the Fayetteville Community: Fayetteville High School Service Learning, Kyle Kellams on Ozarks at Large, Ward 4 Meeting, Papa Rap Lopez, Muslim Student Association, Gamma Chapter of Gamma Eta Sorority, Inc., The Arkansas Traveler, newspaper article in Northwest Arkansas Times religious section and many more…

10.  Ideas for spin off projects have spontaneously emerged.

11. There is now a planning team that is ready to shape a plan for Phase 2: to develop actions city-wide that demonstrate compassion.

12. One of the planning team members traveled to Louisville, Kentucky to attend the 2013 International Summit Conference on Compassionate Organizations and heard from the Dalai Lama and the founder of the Charter for Compassion, Karen Armstrong.

13. We have a relationship with the International Campaign for Compassionate Cities Network, which we continue to develop via conference calls, shared photos, updates, listing Fayetteville as a city actively organizing to be a compassionate city, and Partners for the Charter membership.
14. A Fayetteville business added compassion to its values.

15. And the list goes on…


  1. David Orr

    Thanks for keeping us updated, Margot!

    What’s next for public participation in the project?

  2. Pattie Williams

    the Planning team meets June 22. We will be addressing that very question. Thanks David for asking.

  3. This is such a wonderful organization of people. I am so encouraged by their inclusive engagement of all who want to be a part of this movement.

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